Cutting-edge technology and portability on an affordable solution.




The Kort GNSS / GPS RTK receiver is the accurate solution for land surveyors and positioning professionals that need field-tested and simple to use Real Time positioning technology that performs with the highest standard under the most severe conditions. The Kort RTK is the tool you can count on when you want the data on your hands in any condition.
Each North GPS Receiver include our high-accuracy North Stealth board, boosting 330 channels of pure precision with an outstanding value. The Kort is prepared to be the first choice for Network systems with its internal Mobile Modem, but in case that a UHF Connection is needed, it's integrated serial port allows easy connection with an external receiver and can even work as an UHF base with a 35W UHF transmitter for long range job sites, such as highways or coastlines.


We believe this is the most serious gear available for emerging companies or standalone land surveyors who need big-leagues performance, while putting the price tag out of the question as the product scallability permits several technology steps on the same unit.

Whenever higher accuracy is needed, the Precision kit with external double-frequency antenna and pole, increases the solution accuracy up to 3mm in real time, so the Kort GPS is sure to be your field partner for a long time.

Land Surveyors globally put their trust on North solutions to have their work done, with our standard worry-free promise. You know us, we are leaders at providing the users the units they really want, period as we design and produce integrating our user´s feedback.

The Kort GNSS RTK receiver is the field companion that you can afford, while being sure that is fully fledged to support your operation, delivering the best accuracy available, at the best price you can get for a high-end tool, with dependable stability and ruggedness.


With Bluetooth communication, Serial and External Antenna ports, ergonomic and tough design but also lightweight for day-long operation, the North Kort system delivers the ease of use of an integrated receiver with the rugged confidence all our hardware line.

We provide Turnkey solutions packaged with everything included so you can start working from the first minute, and the Control software of your choice including North RTK Surveyor, North GIS Surveyor and many more commercial options.

Overall, our commitment is to deliver always what you really need, you can count on that. We've been there, and know how it is.

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