Naviger P Professional Surveying Echosounder



The Naviger P Series Echosounder sets a new paradigm in water surface surveying. The new all-terrain Naviger P system offers an unmatched integrated solution, incorporating the latest in digital signal processing technology for Depth sensing in a PC Based Windows 7 system (also available with Linux or the upcoming Windows 10) operation system. It's powerful processor, big RAM memory and shake-proof SSHD CPU saves a lot of effort and investment, as it does not require an external PC.

The integrated pulse generator drives the included Bronze double frequency transducer that can be operated in Analog or Digital mode, to comfortably operate in both very shallow waters as well as in several hundreds deep oceans. It is a true one-size-fits-all solution.


The Naviger P is can to operate on the field with its full color 12" touchscreen display, powered by external batteries or plugged to a vehicle with 12VDC and also can use its DC charger with a mouse and keyboard to work comfortably at the office as a regular PC. You can install your favorite CAD and Office suits to get the work done fast without even leaving the job site

Its completely redesigned enclosure includes an external shell of rugged and portable IP68 ABS polymer with heavy gauge Aluminum internal box, sealed with silicone gasket and waterproof stainless steel push-buttons, LEMO ports and waterproof USB ports. The high-luminosity display has a hardened 6mm thick glass to endure harsh conditions. Housed in a portable case, the North Naviger P echo sounder is ideal for fast setup on several project sites, and is well suited for easy deployment on small survey platforms in open environments or as permanent control centers.

The system can be easily upgraded to include Bluetooth and WiFi, added to its Serial port and USB ports for maximum integration with GPS receivers or other sensors like Water or Air quality transducers.


The included North Depth Surveyor software make this unit fully operative without external computers, and allows seamless connection with North´s full line of RTK or SBAS GPS and GNSS receivers, and can be set with GNSS RTK receivers, Beacon Receivers, Navigation L1 GPS of any brand, using the NMEA protocol. The Depth Surveyor software imports and export a wide array of data sets including CSV and DXF to navigate directly over your project plan, and easy to use buttons and data trimming tools for a quick process of the collected data straight to your CAD applications.

The Naviger P sounder can use well-known software such as HyPack and others of you need for special application with it's array of physical and virtual COM ports.

With its double frequency with dual mode configuration and variable frequency system, the North Naviger P is an ideal choice for Bathymetry and Water Quality testing at Ports, Oil Platforms, Dredging control, Dam profiling, Shore modeling, Fishing spot mapping and any other projects up to 900m deep, which require real time monitoring, portability and fast data processing.

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