Meet your new battlehorse, the NXR reflectorless Total Station series.


  • Work Faster, with its Half-Second lighting-fast reflectorless distance meter.
  • Work Farther, Reflectorless up to 300m, using reflecting cards up to 2,300m and Prisms up to 6000m.
  • Work Better, Using its complete and simplified set of on-board surveying programs, adjustable power laser plummet, double back-lighted screen with 7 lines and graphic aids, rugged IP65 enclosure and updated design.
  • Work Simpler, With Bluetooth connection for Android phones and PC Computers, data can be sent directly to the project teams by a simple Share. Also the NXR Series are the only total station with Laser Scanning functions.

The NXR series Total Stations are designed to fit most jobs, including roading, industrial and electric construction, archaeological and logistic studies, culvert and bridge installation, structural analysis, mine, cave and pit operation, and of course, land surveying.


The NXR features improve all our previous versions, with a sharper world-class optic set that you need to see to believe, high-tech Coaxial Laser reflectorless EDM, memory for 20,000 points , a variable-power laser plummet, or your choice of optical plummet, comfortable keyboards, neat blue-lighted screens, Bluetooth, USB and Serial communications, super fine compensator, double sensor for higher accuracy on the absolute angle encoders and 3000mAh batteries that get you working all day long.

Imagine installing a simple reflecting vinyl on a cargo boat located at 2 kilometers offshore and being able to measure it in half a second, while moving; or calculating a mine excavated volume within minutes, the limit is up to you, and as always the quality and good price is on our side.


The NXR series include the exclusive North Data Manager software that allows easy data download by cable of Bluetooth in Windows or Linux PC environments The software allows easy edition of the data file, including copying and manually creating data, before exporting to Text or DXF (Autocad) files for simple utilization. It also can show the data in 2D projections and 3D real-time view. The Data Manager also enables the Laser Scanning Function of the NXR Total Station, recording all the measurements on the fly into a 3D Point Cloud.

The integrated Bluetooth communication allows external control of the measuring parameters and our exclusive Android application permit the download or 3D Laser Scanner function in real time from many commercial Android devices, so you can send the data easily by Share to the office while being able to continue working in the field.

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