Power type:                                     0.690 um red visible laser

Measuring system:                       base frequency 59.934484MHZ

EDN type:                                           Coaxial

MINI display:                                    0.1mm

No cooperation type:                   About 7x14mm / 20mm laser point

Temperature correct:                   Auto-correct after inputting data

Atmosphere refraction and earth curvature correct: auto-correct after inputting data

Prism constant correct:                Input by-hand

Distance unit:                                   meter / feet / inch

No. display:                                       Max: 99999999.99 m     Min: 1 mm

Average measuring times:          Able to choose the average of 2 to 9 measuring times



With prism:

Measuring model                

Standard accuracy error 

Measuring time

Prism accurate measurement



Prism Track          






No prism:

Measuring model                

Standard accuracy error 

Measuring time

No cooperation accurate measurement



No cooperation track







Angle measurement model

Absolute coding model               

Coded disc Diameter:                                    79mm

Mini display reading:                                     1″

Accuracy:                                                           2″or 5″ or 6” or 7”


   Image:                                                             Erect

   Telescope length:                                        154mm

  Objective aperture: telescopic:              45 mm/ measuring distance: 50mm

   Magnification:                                              30x

   Field of view:                                                                1°20′

   Minimum focus:                                           1.2m

   Resolution:                                                     4″


   Working range:                                            ±3′

   Accuracy:                                                         3′′


Leveling bubble:

Plate vial:                                                           30″/2mm

Circular vial:                                                       8′ /2mm

Laser point

   Power:                                                             5mw

   Wavelength:                                                  635nm

   Counter point distance:                            0-3m


Display part

   Type                                                                  LCD, seven lines, Picture type


 Data transfer

   Connector:                                                     RS-232C



   Power:                                                             Rechargeable lithium battery

   Voltage:                                                          Direct current 6-9v

   Continuous working time:                       8 hours

   Working   Temperature                             -25℃~+50℃


Size and weight

    Shape:                                                            170 x 190 x 360mm

    Weight:                                                          5.2kg

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